Antivirus software

The best antivirus is the paid one. Here you will learn how to install original NOD32 antivirus from its official website, run it for free and keep it updated, forever.


Let’s start:

  1. Windows Defender: Excelent but requires extra software to run along with, like SpywareBlaster or Spyware Terminator.
    I would not recommend others because they just suck, like all-famous MalwareBytes which is very intrusive.. SpywareBlaster in the other hand is very good, and it has been around since ‘forever’. Also, keep your Windows updated.
  2. NOD32: This is the best AV there is, it will protect you on all fronts, it is also super fast and not intrusive at all, and the only AV which can be compared to Nod32 is Kaspersky. Although I like Panda Pro too, excellent AV.
    If you want to use NOD32 go to its official website, download any version you like and start using 30 days free Trial. After trial expires, or before, you can go to this website: and find valid and perfectly legitimate key for another 30 days or so. You can do this every 30 days, and it takes less than a minute.

You can do the same with Kaspersky antivirus, not sure about Panda but I believe there is a solution for it too.

As for the Firewalls, Windows Firewall is enough.


    • You are welcome. If you need help just ask, there is a contact page in the main menu you can use.
      You don’t have to pay me if it is something simple, I’ll be glad to help.


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