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How to's and other things.. mostly WordPress related.

ubuntu terminal

How to Ubuntu server terminal console

At this moment I live in Vietnam. We have apartment with internet access which runs trough another router and ..it is complicated. Anyway I...
wordpress migration problems

WordPress migration problems

Moving WordPress is something that we all encounter often. Whether it's about new staging area (local or online) or a complete transfer to new...

Activate your Newspaper 8 theme

UPDATE: If you are looking to activate version 8.5 and up, then see this post: Newspaper 8.5 theme activation. I bought the theme, but do not...
newspaper 8.5

Newspaper 8.5 to 8.8 theme activation

Hands down to the TagDiv team. Theme is great, support is even better. But then again, it happened. One lovely rainy day, I decided to...