Directory | Multi-purpose WordPress Theme – Review

In short: What the theme is good for? It is OK as a single directory website. Meaning, if you need directory website for cars, you can do it pretty nice (you will still have a problem with filters), but if you need to add more, like Real-estate and/or more listing types (as advertised), well then you should look somewhere else.

Directory Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

I would like to point out that I invested 3 months in fixing the theme myself and waiting the author just to respond to my ticket about CSS issues in order to fix it. ..and Yes I got a refund, but only after author didn’t even respond to Envato staff.

My personal opinion is that Chimp group team have great ideas, and abilities, but they are not professional as they should be, and they are advertising and selling a product assigned to some dummy features which lead to unhappy customers and refunds.

I was so excited when I purchased this product, but I got disappointed shortly after I realized how advertising about its (dummy) features misled me and gave a false hope of making the perfect directory website.
(Authors should be careful what they put on the item advertising page, because misleading their buyers they are not just committing a fraud, but they are wasting everyone’s time, which is precious)
if I may say, there are way too many charlatans marked as “elite author” on Theme forest. I’m not saying their skills are questionable, I know they are all very capable. What is shady is how they do business.

Theme Forest is made for people not familiar with Web development, and selling them a broken product is just not right, especially if authors ask extra money in order to “customize it just for you”, even tho it is an obvious bug which needs fixing.

1. display bugs/issues

Right after clean installation (demo included) following documentation, I got extremely disappointed. I didn’t even start working on it and it is already broken. ..ah..
‘User dashboard’ is half responsive and it’s hard to navigate even on a Pc:

By looking above, at the pictures, you can understand what I’m talking about.
I would need to spend a lot of time just to fix many CSS issues, which is not an easy task.
The responsiveness fails where it maters and makes its big part unusable.
If it looks broken – it probably is broken. Not to mention hard-coded dummy functions.

I should mention more page elements and graphics with bad CSS, but then it would take at least few more hours proving something which is already obvious.

2. Logic and conditional logic

Every directory website needs to have ‘proper logic’ when submitting a listing and when searching/filtering listings.
This theme fails:
Lets say that you have the main category type called “Real-estate”, and Real-estate has its subcategories: Garages, Apartments, Rooms, Construction fields, Business space etc.
Next what happens is:
A person registers on your website and wants to add a listing to Real-estate and to its subcategory Garages. When adding this listing the theme logic is forcing the user to fill in the unnecessary fields (like WiFi, balcony, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, cable TV, beds, kitchen and other not relevant fields to his Garage listing).

Even if the user choose not to fill those fields, the fields will be shown empty on his final listing page for everyone to read.
It’s already too much that a user has to see all those clutter fields when adding listing, just imagine how does it feel when you see those fields, unrelated, on your final listing page.
I do not see any logic in this, especially not conditional logic in the adding listing form.

Similar thing happens when searching or applying filters for your respective search.
So, if you are searching listings and if you want to buy yourself a construction site to build yourself a house, the filters available would be mixed together from all categories, where the user would be overflown with unnecessary bulky page and nonsense filters.
Why do I need filters about WiFi, bedrooms, bathrooms, cable Tv and other nonsense under Garage subcategory? I don’t.

3. They are hiding other people comments if the comment is not positive

I wasn’t “affected” with this behavior from the author, but many did.
A childish way to hide something so obvious makes them even more unreliable.
Naff said!


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