Talk like Yoda, Hmmmmmm

Barbie girl, am I, in the barbie world. Life in plastic, fantastic, it is fantastic! Brush my hair, you can, me everywhere undress. Imagination, your creation, life is. Come on barbie, go party, let us! Yeesssssss.


An epic star wars saga character, Yoda is, he talks funny but cool. Green gremlin, (chuckles), he is, Jedi grand-master and a celebrity. Hmmmmmm.

Here is the website where you can convert any text to Yoda version:
Now you can talk like Yoda and be almost cool as Yoda.

Have a nice day, thank you.


  • If big butts you like not, then get fit, you must!
  • Testing to see whether this is a bunch of rubbish or not, I am.
  • If to learn the speakings of yoda you try, seen too much star wars, you have. Herh herh herh.
  • Soo excited to see you, am I. To go out on the town in my yoda mobile, would you like, hmm? Pick you up at 8:00, I will.
  • Worthless piece of bantha fodder, this yoda converter is. Yeesssssss.



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