Save for Later – SFL

There are "ready" people, and not ready. I always strive to be ready. In this post you will learn on what method to use and what skill set you need to defeat hunger in the middle of your adventures while using your PC or a laptop.


Spending time using your PC or laptop can get you to the point of absolute hunger.
This usually means you’re doing something of great importance. … And when I say “great importance” I mean; You “can’t” just quit and walk away from exploring that great cave you stumbled on after a big boss-fight in Dungeon Siege 2, and you can’t leave your Diablo 3 monk hero in the middle of a “seven-sided strike” performance on two bad-ass elite monsters (elite my ass). No way you can do it!
For this kind of a situation you have to be prepared. That’s why when you make food (cook or w/e) prepare a plastic box, or any kind, to save some food for later.
I specially developed S.F.L. (save for later) skill perk which helps me in this type of situation.


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