All in One SEO Pack Pro vs Yoast SEO Pro

It would be pure evil of me if I would tell you to make the choice for yourself and that you just wasted few minutes of your life on this All in One SEO Pack Pro vs Yoast SEO Pro comparison.

Do you really think I would do that? No! Because I read tons of articles about these two plugins, and 90% of them concluded that I should choose the winner myself and how both plugins are great. + They wasted my time writing about the features both plugins have (I only want to know the differences – like advantages and disadvantages)
It’s BS.

The other 10% were somewhat generic, like robots made them (maybe they did), and it was in favor to Yoast, as if Yoast is some huge deal compared to the AIO. The truth is different.

Let’s continue then..

I used Yoast Seo here on onlyonekenobi, for two years, and I was super happy. I used Premium version.
I should say how I decided to go with Rank Math SEO plugin, and how bad decision that was, but let’s leave it for another day.

All in one SEO Pack Pro

I do not have to say anything to introduce it to you. Everyone knows about this plugin, which left us with features introduction.
So, what do you get with the PRO version, including the FREE stuff but you don’t get with Yoast SEO Premium:

  • Bad Bot Blocker (my favorite 🙂 )
  • Performance feature
  • NO BLOAT = Speed
  • Google News sitemap

Only four things? Yeah, what did you expect? I am only pointing to what is different. So, let’s go ahead and comment on each feature:

  1. Bad Bot Blocker
    I noticed how less attacks I got since I installed it. I remember this is a Premium feature in some Security plugins.
  2. Performance feature
    This is a nifty feature because it raises the WP memory limit to optimal settings on its own. + You can see System status information just underneath the memory limit settings. This is not something huge but it does help to understand few things and is, nifty.
  3. NO BLOAT = Speed
    Yeah, no bloat. Yoast will always nag you with some sort of bloat. + My site loads tiny bit faster.
  4. Google News sitemap
    This is something that AIO offers by default in the PRO version, where with Yoast you have to buy it on top of its Premium version

Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast has cool things to offer, compared to AIO, it feels like, I don’t know, different.
So, what do you get with the PRO version, including the FREE stuff but you don’t get with All in One SEO Pack PRO:

  1. Redirect manager (my favorite)
  2. SEO text analysis
  3. In-text link counting and suggestions
  4. RSS scraper protection

Only 4 things, again? Yeah! Let’s comment them.

  1. Redirect manager
    This is a nifty feature, but if you are using AIO Seo you can simply install a plugin for it on
  2. SEO text analysis
    I like this one, but if you are NOT a noob you can easily live without it.
  3. In-text link counting and suggestions
    This is something that can really save your time if you use this feature a lot. I don’t, but I understand its importance.
  4. RSS scraper protection
    This is a very cool feature. However it can easily be done with custom snippet. But still, very nifty. I wouldn’t even remember to use that if I didn’t saw it using Yoast.

Conclusion: All in One SEO Pack Pro vs Yoast SEO Pro winner is?

So, who is the winner?
I’d say the winner is All in One SEO Pack Pro.

Why? Because i prefer simplicity, speed and I like that Bad Bot Blocker feature. Everything else that Yoast offers is something I can live without, I don’t need, or I can get easily using snippets.


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