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all in one seo pack pro vs yoast seo pro

All in One SEO Pack Pro vs Yoast SEO Pro

The ultimate comparison: All in One SEO pack Pro vs Yoast SEO Pro. Find out which one is the best in the year 2020.
how to open asar files

How to open asar files

How to open asar files you ask yourself. All you need is 7-zip and one plugin.

WordPress Cron Job

You will learn to improve WordPress performance and "ease-off" your server by creating a real "cron job" instead using WordPress cron job.
Add Swap partition on Ubuntu

Add Swap partition on Ubuntu

In this tutorial we will add swap partition on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. SWAP is super important if you are short on RAM.

Yes, you can easily add DNSSEC on GCP in 4 steps

DNSSEC is a great thing that, unfortunately, to add DNSSEC is not easy to do, and therefore the vast majority of web domains or DNSs do not take advantage of this...
cyberpanel wordpress

Awesome WordPress on CyberPanel in 3 steps

What's better than Nginx? OpenLiteSpeed is better. CyberPanel is powered by OpenLiteSpeed and that is great news for WordPress. The faster server, the faster WordPress, the happier visitors. Did I say...
WordPress and Redis

WordPress and Redis don’t work together

How I discovered this problem?I simply noticed that changes in settings on any affiliate plugin are not being registered properly in Redis cache. So, WordPress and Redis don't like each other.
WordPress login protection

Cool WordPress login protection in 1 small trick

WordPress login protection done right is awesome. Save your server resources and wp app at the same time.

WooCommerce PayPal credit card checkout for non US accounts

Yes, even if you don't have an US PayPal account you can have your customers checkout and pay with their Visa or other cards.We all know that...

Newspaper 9.7 to 9.8 theme activation

I must admit that I did not have any issues by not activating the new version. However, there is this activation step which might bug some people. I suggest that you...