How to open asar files

This post will show you how to open asar files.

how to open asar files

Every once in a while anyone can stumble on some file extension which gives you nothing but a headache. One of these extension types is an .ASAR extension. So, how to open asar files?
You can’t, at least not by a regular way.

Once a developer (or anyone) finishes his app which holds many files and folders, to protect all that he can convert all that into only one file: an Asar file. The file is usually hidden somewhere in hidden folders, such as “AppData” under Windows OS. To open asar file you need software like 7zip file archiver, but with an extra plugin.

Open asar files like this:

  1. Download and install 7zip file archiver
  2. Open the install location and create a New folder with the name “Formats”
  3. Download an Asar7z plugin and extract everything to the “formats” folder.
When you visit the Asar7z plugin homepage, you will find all instruction on how to use/install it.

Now you are able to instantly open any .asar file archive.
Have fun.


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