Windows 10 Education N vs Windows 8.1 Industry Pro


In 2018, I wrote a post comparing Windows 7 vs 8.1 vs 10, from a normal user perspective. In 2022, after Windows 8.1 started to feel old and less competent, I decided to go back to Windows 10.
It all started in 2015 with the first rolled-out version of Windows 10. I felt super excited. My main OS was Win 7. Windows 7 is still great today, but only to a point. Back then its glorious Aero theme outmatched 8.1 and 10.

The 10 was super ugly looking back then.
Version 8.1 felt like a real upgrade, which clearly took the victory between the three.
Four years later, the 8.1 feels outdated, 7 still feels excellent (in my mind), but the 10 and its light theme have my vote. Today, Windows 10 looks and feels how it was supposed to in 2015.

What about Windows 11?

Nothing, I don’t plan to try it just yet. This time Microsoft went even further with telemetry, cloud services integration forcing online Microsoft accounts. I wouldn’t say I like that. I hear things are still buggy. Additionally, I would have to use clean installation or whatnot just to install it since my hardware is not officially supported. My wife’s laptop is, so I might put v.11 on it. She will tell me if the OS is any good.

For now, Windows 10 is my weapon of choice, but, you know, the system still feels soul-less, unlike Windows 7.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hello. Thanks for the honest review. I am using Windows 7 Enterprise on my old pc from 2012.
    Fx 8120, 20gb ram, ssd and 2x 1tb hdd wd blue.
    Superb performance. Should I upgrade? I don’t like Windows 10 or 11. They’re ugly looking systems. Is it safe with win7?

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