WordPress migration from ServerPilot to ServerPilot

Here you will learn alternative (better way) for migrating your WordPress website from one ServerPilot server to another.


Sometimes you just need to change servers, ex. from Digital Ocean to Linode, or Google.
Whatever the reason might be, the instructions written on ServerPilot’s website are not working properly for my websites. Therefore I had to find another way to do this.

  1. Start by installing Duplicator plugin and run it
  2. Download the Package and the Installer files
  3. Connect your new server with ServerPilot and add a basic WordPress app
  4. Open the new ‘wp-config’ file and write down its database name, database username and database password (checking the wp prefix won’t hurt either)
  5. Before you upload files in the same location where is ‘new’ wp installed, you should run this command:
    (make sure to replace ‘yourappname’ with your real app name on the server)

    rm -rf /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/yourappname/public/*

    This will clear ‘public’ folder and make room for your duplicator files

  6. Upload the files you made with Duplicator (use Filezilla or SSH)
  7. Run the script (your-domain/installer.php)
  8. Follow the instructions

If you followed my instructions correctly you should have everything running without a glitch.
Also, do not forget to check old ”.htaccess.orig” (or similar name) file which is in your ‘public’ folder, and add from it whatever you might missing in the new one.
If you did any tweaks to previous server, don’t forget to do the same on a new one, if needed.

Happy migration

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