Switch to Windows 10

Why should you switch to Windows 10? Because it's more optimized and more useful than Windows 7 or 8.1. and... Because you have no choice! :)

windows 10

If it helps there are few good things found in Windows 10 that 7 doesn’t have.
It’s no secret that bunch of people dislike Windows 10 for its look or spying. However, it is still a better OS in many ways than Win 7 or 8.1.

Windows 7 is aging, and the Aero GUI is looking more and more outdated. Let’s go and make a list of things that the Windows 7 has:

  • stability
  • simplicity
  • almost no spying
  • pleasant looks
  • one can find solution online for any possible problem
  • works awesome out of the box

It doesn’t have:

  • central notification center (+ app control)
  • Windows store (+ automatic app updates)
  • modern look
  • virtual desktops
  • transparent Command Prompt Window
  • much better usability and compatibility
  • future-proof

Intentionally, I did not mention things like Cortana, My People, etc., simply because these are just the matter of personal preferences, and one can easily “live” without those features.
However all other things mentioned are really good, and it is too bad not having those around natively in Windows 7.

I am getting annoyed sometimes by Windows 7 because it’s an absolute ‘drag’ when I have to update something. FFS, everything I do I have to do manually.
Same goes to situations when I want to use my Bluetooth headset: it’s just not working with Windows 7.
The thing I like more in Windows 10 is that it is harder to crash, and, as a huge ‘plus’, it’s easier for my non-tech family members to do things which were hard to do on Windows 7 (in which case they would call me). With 10, I have more free time.

The things I will always miss about Windows 7 are its beauty and simplicity, but not yet, 1 year still going baby.



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