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It was half past six and the hands were quietly moving forwards.

Winamp is the best music player for Windows PC

Winamp, it really whips the llama's ass! 🙂 The best music player of all time.Old school people...

Preload, DNS Prefetch, Preconnect

Find out what does Preload, DNS Prefetch an Preconnect functions are, how they differ from each other and where to use them.

All in One SEO Pack Pro vs Yoast SEO Pro

The ultimate comparison: All in One SEO pack Pro vs Yoast SEO Pro. Find out which one is the best in the year 2020.

How to open asar files

How to open asar files you ask yourself. All you need is 7-zip and one plugin.

WordPress Cron Job

You will learn to improve WordPress performance and "ease-off" your server by creating a real "cron job" instead using WordPress cron job.

Add Swap partition on Ubuntu

In this tutorial we will add swap partition on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. SWAP is super important if you are short on RAM.

Yes, you can easily add DNSSEC on GCP in 4 steps

DNSSEC is a great thing that, unfortunately, to add DNSSEC is not easy to do, and therefore...