Newspaper 9.7 to 11 theme activation

Protect your privacy and never send your real activation code. GDPR and GPL is abused by the tagDiv team. Lucky us WordPress is open source. <3

Newspaper theme activation
Latest newspaper theme activation trick

Newspaper theme, starting from version 11, if not activated is outrageously violating the GDPR, GPL and WordPress licencing itself. It is doing that by redirecting visitors to an unauthorized page which intentionally violates all the GDPR and GPL rules and initiates visitors to think they’re on pirated or untrustworthy website. It’s practically forcing you to register. I suggest that you keep your theme non-activated or modified if you don’t use version 11 and up.
Forcing users to send information by registering their original product key and sending it to tagDiv servers is an act of law violation by all means.

If you do use version 11 and up, then you should use a workaround through this PHP file: td_ajax.php

In order to “activate” Newspaper theme 9.7 and up (currently 11.x), your steps are:

  1. navigate to
  2. Then find if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === true) {
  3. Change it to: if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === false) {
  4. Then save the changes.
  5. Next, login to your dashboard, visit the Newspaper > Theme panel > Activate theme
  6. Then, jump to the bottom of the page and click where it says something like “Activate the theme manually”.
  7. After that enter whatever you want as your envato and tagdiv keys and click Activate.
  8. Done
    newspaper activation


  1. thanks for it.. i successfully activated the theme… is it safe to activate theme like this and is there will be any problem or not .. please tell me

    • If it is not there then you have some old theme version. Or it could be the case that you have got your theme from a shady source. My solution applies to original theme.
      I would also suggest to check again, carefully.

    • Impossible. You did something wrong, or your theme is downloaded from a shady source. If you can’t figure it out then hire a developer, or buy the original theme.

    • I am not aware of this. I would have to check your statement, and if true, then I might post the workaround.
      For now, you can always activate your theme using any older theme version which supports manual activation, and then update the theme with the new version.

    • Mr Ken, what he said is true. Even the older versions which has manual activation has been blocked and one can no longer do it successfully.

      • Hi. The older version when modified doesn’t check anything with the server, if it does then the activation would have failed.


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