Easy Engine v4 WordPress migration

You can always do things manually, replace all files and use PhpMyAdmin to insert database. But this requires additional checks and compatibility. Manual migration is the safest and 100% efficient. But this tutorial is about plugin.


The new Easy Engine, version 4, is no doubt a better solution than version 3, but due to its complicity some things still do not work as expected. For example, the two most popular WordPress migration plugins (Duplicator and All in one Wp migration) do not function properly, and often fail to do what we want: to migrate.

I still did not try to find a proper way on using Duplicator, but I have a good solution for All in one Wp migration plugin.

  • First, install and use the All in one wp migration to make a backup of the site that you want to migrate. (I suggest making full manual backup as well)
  • Migrate your domain to your new server with Easy Engine v4
  • Create an empty site, and install All in one wp migration plugin, and WP Rollback.
  • Now you can use the WP Rollback to easily rollback All in one WP migration to previous version: 6.77. This version holds a PRO feature which is stripped down in newer version of the plugin. We will use that feature to restore our site.
  • On the new site, go to All in one WP migration, and make a simple backup: Export to a file, and once it completes just don’t download it. This act will make a folder, something like: /wp-content/ai1wm-backups.
  • Next you have to upload your backup file to that folder. You can do that easily by using any File manager plugin from the WP repository. Just choose one and install.
  • After that just head to All in one WP migration > backups, find your file and click RESTORE.
  • That’s it!

You need to save your Permalinks, twice. The All on one wp migration will not delete your vanilla content (Hello World or Sample page) so make sure to delete that.
Sometimes, you might need to update your database, so do it.
Additionally, you might not be able to login to back-end. In this scenario just clear your cache. You have to use console to do it: ee clean --all

Now everything should work fine. If you have something not working, feel free to report here and I’ll help you out. But, it think it will all work great.


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